Last week we had some real talk about why black people don’t talk about sex with Melissa Muganzo Murphy. Melissa is an actress, humanitarian, philanthropist, and educator who believes in the power of Black ingenuity being the global catalyst of innovation, advancement, and change. She is the  CEO of Muganzo Entertainment and of all the things she is most proud of, she celebrates her Queerness, Blackness, and Womanhood in confidence dripped in self-love.

We covered so many amazing topics in this episode! Melissa and Nika break down the history of the church and what that meant for black community and organizers. From there, Melissa shares powerful insights on why black youth are the future and historically have proven to be major catalysts for change in our society. 

She also shared the eccentric yet powerful lessons she learned from her aunt, who helped her be open minded, and develop a confident attitude and mindset surrounding sexuality and self worth. Eventually she took these lessons on to empower her own family, and shared the obstacles her queer family have experienced and how they power through and help other queer families. 

Recently Melissa Muganzo produced their film, “ The Big Hysto”, which covers the issues that black women face in the medical industry and reproductive healthcare. After disclosing her own experiences as a fibro survivor, Melissa and Nika highlight the importance of having these conversations to ignite change for the better. 

You can follow Melissa and learn more about her work at, @muganzoentertainment (IG), @melissa_muganzo (Twitter), and @melissamuganzomurphy (LinkedIn)


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