We had some Real Talk on Pleasure Awakening, on the 21st of April with a special guest MariJayne Maven. Want more from this episode? 

MariJayne Maven is the creator and founder of the Cannabis Lifestyle Wellness and Education brand, It’s her goal to help transform the ‘taboos’ of cannabis  with a brand mission to EDUCATE, ERADICATE, and ELEVATE ™

As a cannabis educator and brand educator, she is a featured expert speaker on cannabis and a content creator. She is also a cannabis micro-influencer, with a strong social media presence and a popular podcast, Ménage With The MariJayne Maven.

In this latest episode of the It Cast Real Talk on Sex podcast,  Nika and MariJane delve into the topic of enhancing sexual pleasure and the vital role sexual health plays in our overall well-being. They explore the importance of embracing pleasure without judgment or shame, and how cannabis can contribute to a holistic approach to wellness.

Embracing Pleasure without Judgment:

Nika and MariJane emphasize the significance of breaking free from societal norms and embracing our individual preferences and desires when it comes to sexual pleasure. They highlight the need to explore various aspects of pleasure, such as BDSM and fulfilling fantasies, without feeling judged or ashamed. By removing these barriers, individuals can fully experience and celebrate their sexuality.

The Interconnection of Mental, Physical, and Sexual Health:

The Nika stresses the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and sexual health. They assert that achieving optimum well-being requires acknowledging and nurturing all three aspects. Cannabis, known for its therapeutic properties, can play a pivotal role in this holistic approach. By incorporating cannabis into their sexual experiences, individuals may enhance their overall wellness and enjoyment.

Cannabis: Enhancing Pleasure and Well-being:

MariJane, a cannabis educator and micro-influencer, discusses the potential benefits of cannabis in enhancing sexual pleasure. She highlights how cannabis can act as a glute, keeping everything in our bodies functioning optimally. Cannabis can aid in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and heightening sensitivity, thus enhancing the overall sexual experience.

Consent, Boundaries, and Personal Choice:

Nika and MariJane emphasize the importance of consent and personal boundaries in maintaining a healthy sexual experience. They underscore that individuals should feel empowered to explore their desires while respecting the boundaries and comfort levels of themselves and their partners. This open and consensual approach fosters a safe and enjoyable sexual environment.

Breaking Free from Pressure to Perform:

The hosts address the pressure individuals may feel to perform sexually, emphasizing that comparing oneself to others is unnecessary. They encourage individuals to focus on their own pleasure and satisfaction, embracing their unique desires and needs. By letting go of performance-related anxieties, individuals can cultivate a more fulfilling and liberated sexual experience.


In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Nika and MariJane shed light on the importance of enhancing sexual pleasure and prioritizing sexual health. They advocate for embracing pleasure without judgment or shame, understanding the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and sexual well-being, and exploring the potential benefits of cannabis in enhancing overall wellness. By adopting a consensual and individual-centric approach, individuals can break free from societal norms and experience a more empowered and fulfilling sexual journey.

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Want to learn more about The  MariJayne Maven and her work, her website provides a complete media kit with all her media appearances and links.


🌐~ wlo.link/@TheMariJayneMaven

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