Sexual Empowerment Coach & Erotic Adventure Consultant

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Marnika Shelton’s professional consulting services include:

Sexual Empowerment Coaching
We are out to create a world free from sexual shame, where people are educated, empowered to love at choice and consent is the framework for human interaction. Utilizing a combination of coaching techniques combined with peer counseling to address the stigma, shame and fear that can come up around sexuality, we will work together to empower you on your healing journey and path of self discovery.
Private, Family & Corporate Healing Circles
Healing Circles are designed to transform how groups interact and communicate with each other. We are healing rifts amongst families, friends and in the workplace, by bringing people together to heal through effective communication. Schedule a Healing Circle created for a Team, Family or Organization. Healing Circles are highly beneficial for select-curated groups of up to 10 people who would like to heal their communication in a specific area.
In addition to the primary session, each Healing Circle comes with 2 private sessions, 1 breakout session and 1 closing session.
Corporate Consulting
Diversity inclusion, Sexual health and Mental Wellness, company Culture and development.
Adventure Consulting
Are you planning a party for a bachelor or bachelorette; a special evening or getaway? Make Love an adventure with Nika Cherrelle’s!

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