We had some Real Talk on Pleasure Awakening, on the 7th of April with a special guest  Rachel Lavesque Want more from this episode? 

Rachel is a Somatica™ Certified Sex and Relationship Coach with years of experience working somatically with clients on their personal healing journey. Rachel’s work focuses on helping people create brave spaces in their lives. She helps her clients sniff out limiting beliefs and dogma that act as roadblocks to intimacy and play. Rachel is a skilled bridge-builder between becoming and belonging, especially in relationships.

In a recent episode of the “It” Cast Podcast, Rachel courageously shared her story and how it has been instrumental in her own healing. Rachel explained that sometimes in life, we have to go through things and overcome obstacles to allow ourselves to heal.

One of the things Rachel had to overcome was the feeling that her body was something to be afraid of. Growing up with this belief, Rachel studied to become a yoga instructor to help people understand their bodies in a different, healing way. She also studied bodywork and became enchanted with herbs and plants, which led her to create Somatic Orgasmic Breathwork through her company, Somatica.

Rachel shared her experience at a women’s gathering in the forest where she was taught Somatic Orgasmic Breathwork. This experience was a turning point in her healing journey, as it helped her overcome her fear of pleasure and the belief that her body was something to be ashamed of.

Rachel explained that as women, we have been conditioned to be afraid of our bodies, but it’s something we can overcome to truly enjoy ourselves. She finds a lot of pleasure in nature, which has been a huge part of her healing journey.

So, what is Somatic Orgasmic Breathwork? It’s a combination of two types of breathwork. The first is called the 3-Step Breath, where you inhale into your chest, then your belly, and finally your pelvic floor. The second part involves inhaling, squeezing your pelvic floor, and releasing it as you exhale. At the end of the breath, you hold it for three counts and then exhale.

Rachel likes to remind people that pleasure can be as simple as taking a few breaths. She incorporates this breathwork into her daily life, doing 10-15 breaths before meetings or in the bedroom with her partners. She also helps others learn this practice to bring pleasure into their lives.

Overall, Rachel’s story is a powerful reminder that we can overcome our fears and past traumas to heal and enjoy the pleasures of life. Somatic Orgasmic Breathwork is just one way to help us connect with our bodies and find pleasure in the present moment.

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