We had some Real Talk on Sex and Aging, on the 14th of April with a special guest Dr. Nicole Crawford, Want more from this episode? 

Dr. Crawford is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and the owner of Keep Moving Forward Consulting. She walks with her clients on their therapeutic journeys, focused on the well-being of adults, older adults, and care partners/caregivers or people living with dementia. Dr. Crawford advocates against ageist beliefs and addresses the aging population’s needs in her communities through advocacy, educational presentations, individual consultations, and research.

In this latest episode of “The It Cast” podcast,  Nika Cherrelle delves into a thought-provoking conversation on the topic of sex and aging. Joined by Dr. Nicole Crawford, an expert in gerontology, the podcast aims to promote diversity and open discussions surrounding health and sexuality. This episode sheds light on the societal beliefs surrounding aging, challenges existing perspectives, and highlights the importance of embracing intimacy throughout life.

Challenging Age-Related Stereotypes

Nika kickstarts the conversation by questioning the beliefs society holds about aging. Dr. Nicole Crawford, a passionate advocate for aging populations, shares her personal motivation for delving into the field of gerontology. She envisions a future where the treatment of elders differs from the current norms, allowing for a more compassionate and inclusive society.

Impacts of Dementia on Intimacy

Dr. Crawford brings attention to the unique challenges faced by individuals with dementia and their caregivers when it comes to intimacy. This often-neglected aspect of dementia affects not only the person with the condition but also the caregivers and their relationships. The conversation highlights the need for a deeper understanding of how dementia impacts intimacy on multiple levels and emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues.

Examining Perspectives on Aging and Sexuality

The podcast encourages listeners to reflect on their own beliefs about aging and sexuality. Nika and Dr. Crawford urge individuals to question the sources of these perspectives, whether from mainstream media, cultural upbringing, or societal messaging. By acknowledging and challenging these preconceived notions, one can begin to create a more open and inclusive mindset toward aging and intimacy.

Overcoming Internalized Shame

Shame surrounding sexuality, both internal and external, is a significant barrier to honest conversations about sex and aging. The podcast emphasizes the need for healthcare professionals, therapists, and even friends to create safe spaces for discussing these intimate topics. By dismantling the societal taboo surrounding sex and embracing open dialogue, individuals can address their fears and concerns, ultimately leading to better overall well-being.

Starting Conversations at a Young Age

The discussion also emphasizes the importance of starting conversations about sex and aging early on. By providing age-appropriate education and guidance, younger generations can develop healthier attitudes toward sexuality as they age. This proactive approach ensures that individuals are better prepared to navigate the changes and challenges that come with aging.

In conclusion

“The It Cast” podcast episode on sex and aging, featuring Dr. Nicole Crawford, highlights the significance of challenging societal beliefs, embracing intimacy, and fostering open conversations. By examining our perspectives on aging and sexuality, we can break free from stereotypes, address internalized shame, and create a more inclusive and understanding society. Starting these discussions early on ensures that future generations are equipped with the knowledge and attitudes necessary for a fulfilling and healthy sex life throughout their lives. It’s time to redefine aging and sexuality, one conversation at a time.

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