Last week we had some Real Talk on having “The Talk” with our guest Olivia Sawi. 

Olivia Gail Labalan Sawi is an educator, instructor, facilitator, and coach. She has been with her wife Annie Aarons-Sawi for 14 years, and they live in a multigenerational home with their child. Olivia is on the board of the Center for Babaylan Studies and produces the podcast Kultivating Kapwa with her dear friend and host Jana Lynne Umipig. Olivia’s life experiences help guide her desire to assist people in searching for their deeper meaning and purpose, and in achieving their full potential.

Olivia’s work centers the topic of decolonizing parenthood, and she shares many of her experiences as a Phillipinx person coming out to her mother, and how those experiences intersect with their culture and family. 

This episode centers the hot button topic of talking to children about gender, sexuality, and boundaries, which is something many parents have difficulty navigating. Olivia lives by example and shares how she and her wife talk to their son about these topics, including how they explain transgender identities to their son and allowing him freedom to explore different interests and fashion choices, regardless of how they may fall on the societal gender spectrum. Nika and Olivia also model examples of how parents can handle topics surrounding sex and masturbation in a way that is sex positive, safe, and age appropriate, while also being sure to avoid shame. 

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You can follow Olivia at @oliviaofdoom, and listen to her podcast, @kultivatingkapwa


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