Recently, we had some real talk about shadow work with Amber Rose. 

While the idea of integrating one’s shadow may seem intimidating or uncomfortable at first, the healing that comes with shadow work can transform our lives, mental health, relationships, and more. 

Amber shares her perspective and experiences with shadow work, and how once she started the process she noticed the benefits and effects trickling into multiple aspects of her life. Nika and Amber also discussed how we energetically feed and nourish ourselves, not necessarily from the food we eat but the company we surround ourselves with, what we focus on, and our inner dialogue. Amber also shares her personal healing practices and how she was able to revolve her business around them.

Toward the end of the episode, Amber and Nika discuss cosmic and sacred sexuality, and Amber shares her favorite tips surrounding her cosmic sexuality practice.

Amber Rose is the creator of Zen Af Vibe, All Natural Energy infused offerings, and also the Creator of Lovesit, where she cares for pets, plants, and property. Amber has been practicing, studying, and dedicated to holistic health for the past 10 years. She has an AA in Human Services and Chemical Dependency. She is 11+ years sober and intentionally/medicinally uses cannabis and shrooms. Amber is passionate about natural ways to feel our best, energy work, nature, cosmic/sacred sexuality, advocating, acts of kindness, healing generational trauma and unhealthy patterns and creating safe space.

You can follow Amber on Instagram at @zenafvibe. 

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