“There is a point in time when you hear your truth and it is felt on a visceral level. The tears come pouring down…these tears are a gift, we call that a breakthrough. It is why I love what I do.” — Dawn Light Amora

Earlier this year we had some Real Talk with Dawn Light Amora about sex and money.

Founder and CEO of Spark Your Inner Gold LLC, self-love coach Dawn Light Amora has always maintained the belief that all healing takes place on a holistic level. As a successful Theta healing therapist since 2005, Dawn knew she was on the right path and wanted to complete her studies so that she could help guide others dealing with many of today’s issues. With that intention in her heart, she went on to attend California Coast University in Santa Ana and earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Dawn then attended a Master’s program in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Dawn is also a certified Life Mastery Institute Coach. Dawn noticed that today’s fast paced life hasn’t left much room for self-awareness. As she puts it, “Without addressing the deeper spiritual curriculum that stands in the way of authentic self expression, finding love and happiness is a guessing game.’’

In this episode, Dawn talks about how she worked through her generational trauma to live a more authentic life, and how a large part of that process meant unlearning things that were passed down to her from her family which contribute to a lot of the cultural programming and social issues that are widespread today.

Dawn discusses the gift of sexuality and how unfortunately many of us are programmed to carry shame around this connection to ourselves. She shares the ways this shame and dissociation can inhibit us and cut us off from not just our sexuality but our creativity, energy, and overall life source.

Nika and Dawn also share different issues that come up in relationships, from withholding to sharing too much too soon. Often these issues stem from not feeling safe and not being fully able to communicate our needs, and yet we can find empowerment from learning from these experiences.

You can follow Dawn’s work on IG @sparkyourinnergoldwith or any of the following sites:

Listen to the podcast on Anchor.
Watch the episode on Youtube.

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