Black Lives Matter movement is not just limited to issues with Police. 

Dr. Day remembers being the only woman of color when they were training to be an EMT, and the blatant racism being taught to EMTs may shock you, but that’s why we have to have these conversations to break down these cycles and issues in our systems at play. To counter these issues, we need to create a positive ripple effect by finding our power within and understanding how to advocate for ourselves, reflect on our behavior and take accountability so that positive change can happen.

Dr. Day quit being an EMT and went on to study chiropractic after a traumatic injury and wanted natural treatment. Dr. Day views treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy as amazing options for people of color as these routes help people manage multiple symptoms, provide natural relief, and enhance the mind and body connection. You’ll definitely want to tune in to hear their wisdom about Chiropractic and all of the amazing benefits it can provide people. 

Dr. Day is the CEO and Founder of IWokeWellness.  After seeing firsthand how systemic racism affects us all, they have devoted themselves to spreading wellness within communities.  They are Afro-Latina, a former EMT, a physiologist, and are well on their way to becoming a doctor of chiropractic!

You can follow Dr. Day’s work at @dr.day_, or @iwokewellness. 

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