Earlier in the year we had some real talk on exploitation of the black body with our guest, Liz. Liz is a technologist and activist with an MBA and a decade in tech marketing and operations. She has been organizing in sex-positive circles for the past ten years, with half a dozen organizations. She have also taught workshops in sex positivity, consent, and kink fundamentals, as well as advanced Shibari, impact play, and sensory deprivation, with Intimate Horizons and the Citadel. She is also a passionate advocate for Sex Worker rights.

Nika and Liz discuss the work that she does with play parties, and her unique experiences navigating the kink scene as a black woman.
They both also deconstruct the concept of laziness and how it ties into stereotypes. Liz points out that when black women in activism elevate themselves, they elevate everyone around them too, and how rest is more crucial than ever to heal because of this.

At the end of the day, Liz affirms that racism hurts everyone, and that we all need to take responsibility in this conversation.

Liz and Nika end the show on a celebratory note, and Liz shares how she celebrates black history month by celebrating black joy, and shares a fabulous Angela Davis quote, as well as her personal definition of the word care.

Listen to the full episode here.
You can follow Liz’s work at @forlove_global on Instagram and learn more about Liz’s work at https://www.forloveparties.com/

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