Last week we had some Real Talk on the Divinity of Sex Magick with Iris Divine. 

Iris Divine(@irisdivinemessages) has had the gift of divine communication as a child for as long as she can remember. As she grew in age and abilities her heart continued to pull her away from the Christianic background as she continued to question her place within the religion. Eventually her heart and The Most High led her to divination via Tarot, Astrology, Meditation giving her the peace she longed to experience. Now as a Hoodoo practitioner and Divination Counselor who has found her healing, she is ready to help others do the same. Iris continues to do healing work for her community via her divination services and donating her time and labor to Black Liberation. Iris believes that her purpose is to help connect her community to their spirituality and own life purpose, one card at a time. 

Iris is a leo, and it was perfect timing for this episode to take place during Leo season! She connects the topics of sexuality, pleasure, healing shame, and the roles they take in black liberation and ancestral healing through magick, astrology, and reconnecting to indigenous spirituality.

Iris and Nika dive into manifestation, and Iris shares her favorite methods of manifesting, and how to use sexuality and pleasure in one’s personal rituals. You’ll have to listen to hear how she manifested a specific item! 

Iris shares that anything done with intention is magick. Everything we do in our day to day, even the mundane, can be infused with magickal intentions and healing. She also gives some important tips for avoiding unpleasant spiritual attachments and accidental hexes. 

Nika and Iris discuss how systems of power responsible for repressing sexuality have been designed to keep us from our own power, pleasure, and magick. By practicing shadow work, connecting with ourselves through pleasure, and sharing these resources with others we can dismantle these oppressive systems.

We hope you enjoy this episode! 

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Watch the episode here. 

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