Last week we had some real talk about being Thick and Juicy with Auntie Vice. Auntie Vice is a kink writer, educator, and performer. They host the podcast Fat Chicks on Top. Her work includes several kink books and the award-winning blog  She has a Ph.D. in Political Psychology and worked in politics until pursuing the more respectable profession of kink writing.
Nika and Auntie Vice had a fabulous time discussing a wide variety of topics with humor and wit. They discussed the difference between fetishizing, eroticizing, and discriminating against diverse bodies, and how it is difficult to find representation of body diversity at multiple intersections. For example, Auntie Vice dove into her experience as not only being a fat person, but also having other “deviant traits” (according to mainstream media), such as tattoos, alternative haircuts, and living an openly sex positive, kinky lifestyle. This also led to Nika sharing about how difficult it was to find an appropriate yet representative photo for the episode flyer, and why it is so important that we have empowering, fat positive representation in the media.
As someone with multiple health conditions, Auntie Vice shared some insightful tips about navigating healthcare and advocating for oneself as a fat person. She takes us down memory lane by sharing the many conflicts that arose when she tried to seek mental health care as a bisexual fat college student, and the responses from the health care provider might make you laugh in disbelief. But remember, (insert Kevin Thornton Voice) “~*It was the niiiineties!*~”
Discussing these experiences better helps us to deconstruct fatphobia and discrimination, and Auntie Vice and Nika’s conversations about navigating these systems sparked inspiration about defining what it means to design a society so that the least advantaged identities are properly supported and cared for. This point also led to discussing on the brilliance of neurodiversity, the ways in which neurodiverse people can flourish when we recognize that we all have unique skills, as well as acknowledging the harm of comparison,
This was a juicy episode indeed!

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