In this week’s episode of The “It” Cast, I am very excited to be joined by Mutima Imani (@mutimaimani) she will walk us through how to connect with our Buddhist side, showing us how to merge religion with pleasure

She is a Social Justice Visionary, Master Trainer, and Facilitator working to Heal the Heart of Humanity by providing 21st Century Tools for Personal/Professional Development and Transformation. Queen Mutima believes in the healing power of touch. She encourages people to try touch as a transformational tool that heals the soul and brings the mind and body into balance. She has answers to the questions about love, sex, and intimacy that everyone is afraid to ask. The Queen loves to love and teaches that love is the key to greater intimacy. She is passionate about how all things work together and what humans can learn from the natural world to increase our ability to have more pleasure in our daily lives.

At Nika Cherrelles LLC, we aim to educate and empower everyone so they can live at choice through our podcast, #TheItCast. By doing so, we can fight to end gender-based violence, heal past trauma, and bring humanity to the forefront.

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