This week we will be having some Real Talk on Sensual Intelligence with our special guest, Shawnrey Notto.

Shawnrey is an internationally paid facilitator in embodiment, empowerment, sensuality, and self-love. Through her work she inspires people to rediscover their joy, pleasure, and freedom, as well as build confidence in their bodies, intimate relationships, and lives!

She is the Bestselling Author of Sensual Intelligence: The Lost IQ, which guides readers on how to “seduce themselves to joy and fall in love with their bodies.” #1 NYT Bestselling Author, Marci Shimoff, says about the book, “BEAUTIFUL! […] Her teaching will change your life.”

Shawnrey blends 15+ years of dance, erotic poetry, and mindfulness to help people heal cycles of shame and suppression so they can connect mind, body, spirit, and pleasure. She believes that we can change the world when we heal our relationship with our bodies.

You can support Shawnrey’s work and follow her on Instagram, @shawnreynotto, and her website:

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