This week’s special guest for the “It” Cast: Real Talk on Sex Podcast is Dr. Day, and we are going to be sharing some real talk on medical racism and how to combat it through empowering communities from within.

The cumulative events of the pandemic in addition to the worldwide calls for racial justice of 2020 have sparked discussions about another virus which is pervasive in our country: racism.

Unsurprisingly, there is a strong relationship between racism and the medical industry. Dr. Day and I will be discussing the ways that medical racism manifests in our society, it’s effects on patients of color, and how Dr. Day’s work teaches us to empower ourselves through wellness practices and community support.

Dr. Day is the CEO and Founder of IWokeWellness. After seeing firsthand how systemic racism affects us all, they have devoted themselves to spreading wellness within communities. They are Afro-Latina, a former EMT, a physiologist, and are well on their way to becoming a doctor of chiropractic!

You can follow Dr. Day’s work at @dr.day_, or @iwokewellness.

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