This week we will be having some Real Talk on the subject of Belonging, featuring our wonderful guest Ali Bravo.

Ali is an artist, leatherworker, and seamstress. She recently launched her own business called Raptrix, where she makes small batch leather bondage gear out of upcycled leather and sustainable leather alternatives. She is also a leader and organizer of ForLove, an organization striving to build equitable, trauma informed, and privilege informed spaces for sexual liberation. She is fascinated by the intersection between kink and trauma transformation, and facilitates groups exploring embodiment and self acceptance.

Ali is passionate about honoring the full spectrum of ourselves so that we may honor the same in others and is a fierce advocate for everyone’s worthiness to feel pleasure and at home in their bodies.

You can support Ali’s work by following @raptorbravo, @kahlilacc, @raptrix, and @empress.of.bones on instagram.

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