This week we will be having some Real Talk on Sparking your Life with Cannabis with Cannabis Lifestyle expert and creator of The MariJayne Maven ™ An Entertaining & Educational, Cannabis Lifestyle Wellness & Multi Media Brand . As the MariJayne Maven, Tiffanee has compiled her knowledge over the years to create an all-encompassing lifestyle brand.  

After leaving her 16 year career in corporate sales, Tiffanee’s ultimate dream came true when she became a cannabis entrepreneur. We love hearing her inspiring story about her last day at work.  She is obsessed with cleaning up the industry and providing plant-based education to patients and consumers alike; helping people create more joy in their lives with the “Power Flower.”  It’s her goal to help transform the ‘taboos’ of cannabis  with a brand mission to EDUCATE, ERADICATE, and ELEVATE ™

This episode took place in synchronicity with Biden’s recent announcement to pardon cannabis related offenses, leading to the importance of discussing the history of cannabis and the racism behind its criminalization. Marijayne looks forward to a future for her children where the plant is destigmatized and decriminalized.  Nika points out the power that each generation has to normalize something new and to combat inaccurate fear mongering. Marijayne also has faith that cannabis can help marginalized people not only improve their physical and mental health, but also create generational wealth as well. 

We can’t talk about cannabis without talking about its history. Marijayne shares the important history behind why cannabis was so demonized during the prohibition era while alcohol eventually became less harshly scrutinized. Nika deep dives into Reefer Madness and its roots in racist propaganda. 

Marijayne and Nika discuss countless benefits of using cannabis, from medical benefits, to increasing well being, mental health, self empowerment when facing chronic illness, calming down to make peace  during a difficult conversation, and so much more.

As the Cannabis industry evolves, Marijayne shares about how much more difficult it is for people who aren’t white men to get involved in the industry, and the inequities that are prevalent in the legal cannabis industry.  Nika and Marijayne envision what true justice, equity, and reparations would look like in this discussion. 

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Watch the Episode Here.

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