Last week we had some Real Talk on Criminalizing abortion with Nan and Zoe from My Bakery, My Choice. My Bakery, My Choice is a small bakery that donates 100% of its proceeds to abortion access funds to those in states where the procedure is banned. It is run by Nan, a star baker and mother of the best friend of Zoe, who also bakes a bit, but mainly helps with the bureaucratic elements. As Californians, Nan and Zoe feel it is our obligation to help those seeking abortion all across these “United” States.

Zoe became interested in abortion rights from a young age due to her awareness of gender inequality that she witnessed early on. She decided to host a bake sale event that would donate the proceeds to supporting abortion rights, and asked her friend Nan to join. Since then, My Bakery My Choice has functioned as a sort of glorified ongoing bake sale. 

Nan and Zoe are both Bay Area natives, and acknowledge the drastically varying beliefs held about abortion in California compared to the rest of the United States. “We live in a bubble,” Nan said, “and this is why we want to learn more and connect with and help those who are in different parts of the country where there are different views and laws surrounding abortion”. 

Where exactly do My Bakery, My Choice’s funds go?  “Abortion access funds not only cover the procedure.. Funds go towards accommodations and travel, childcare for parents who may have to go out of state for their medical procedure, and more essential components”, Zoe explains. \\

I’d like to see some new leaders emerge, I’m waiting for a national leader to keep people energized and pressure politicians”, Nan says, expressing that codification of Roe V Wade is the ultimate next step to securing abortion rights. 

Nika and Nan point out that 2023 will be the 50th anniversary of Roe V Wade, “I have the experience that everything we do, every decision we make will impact the next 50 years. I see this new generation standing up to contribute because it’s their future, their children’s future, and this is why we vote, this is why we get involved. “ 

You can reach Zoe and Nan through Zoe’s Linktree:

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