Last week we had some Real Talk on The Healing Black pleasure with a special guest Mike Nichols. Want more from this episode? 

Mike Nichols is an accomplished creative director, book designer, visual artist, and community leader based in Oakland. With over 20 years of design experience and innate artistic talent, he transforms ideas into innovative and visionary solutions. His impressive portfolio includes work for distinguished companies such as Black Voice News, Cityside Journalism, and Hearst Magazines. Mike is the founder of Umber, a cutting-edge media platform that celebrates impactful creative perspectives. 

 Nika and Mike met at the release party of his print magazine called Slumber, which explores erotica from the black and brown perspective. During the event, they had an artist talk where Mike shared his journey in exploring his sexuality and confronting shame as an American man.

Mike has been drawing his whole life, and he believes that he’s on this planet to create designs. He is a guest on the “It” Cast platform where he talks about his journey in exploring his sexuality and the importance of vulnerability in sexual relationships.

Growing up in northern California, Mike mentioned that there was an expectation of sex, and there was just a way of interacting and engaging with our bodies. However, he emphasizes that sex is a vulnerable act, and it’s essential to approach it with respect, honor, and acknowledgment of each other’s bodies.

Black men, in particular, have to present themselves in some way for survival, which can make vulnerability challenging. However, vulnerability is necessary for building trust and establishing a deeper connection in sexual relationships. Mike believes that communication is key, and the more you talk about sex, the better it gets.

Mike also highlights the importance of trust in sexual vulnerability. It’s difficult to be vulnerable with someone you don’t trust, and trusting yourself is also a significant factor in your sexual vulnerability. Understanding the basis of your attraction towards someone is crucial. Are you attracted to someone based on what you genuinely like, or is it because of what the media has fed you?

In conclusion, exploring sexual vulnerability is essential for building deeper connections and establishing trust in sexual relationships. Communication, respect, and trust are critical components in establishing sexual vulnerability, and it’s essential to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow. As Mike’s Slumber Magazine explores erotica from the black and brown perspective, it’s essential to recognize and honor diverse perspectives in sexual exploration.

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