In spirit of Leather Pride month and Folsom Street Fair,  leather workers Seven and Dani of Sabersmyth were featured guests on Nika Cherrelle’s podcast: Real Talk on Sex. Sabersmyth is a queer-owned and operated leather maker based in Oregon, specializing in gear, garments, and lingerie that affirm the sensory needs of sensitive and neurodiverse people. Each piece they create  is made to last a lifetime with proper care, and strives to deliver on quality, functionality, and beauty. 

Seven and Dani have spent the past few years becoming more involved in the kink community, as kink has played a major role in their self expression, relationships, and personal development as highly sensitive people. The two describe kink play as it’s own language that when paired with their sensory focused kink gear, has helped them alleviate some of the pressures, expectations, and anxieties that can come with communicative norms (for example:: not having to deal with the responsibilities and stressors of verbal communication because one is wearing a gag or a muzzle)

Regardless of whether or not someone identifies as kinky or engages in kinky play, there are elements of kink that are helpful for ALL relationship styles, particularly when it comes to how we communicate and negotiate in our interactions with others. Nika, Seven, and Dani also discuss that kink goes beyond the physical, and that communicating about emotional wellness equally important, especially when dealing with a post scene drop and boundaries surrounding aftercare.

The comfort factor in Sabersmyth’s gear is most important to Seven and Dani, because while kink play involves pushing one’s personal limits and finding one’s edge, feeling comfortable and safe enough to do so is crucial, especially for neurodiverse folks. Their attention to detail prioritizes comfort for the user, making pleasure accessible to even the most sensitive non-neurotypical queer. They recognize that leathers are not simply accessories, but creations with the potential to be spiritually bonded, gender and sexuality-affirming companions. Dani takes a deep dive on the sensual aspects of crafting gear, for example using a cast iron skillet handle as an inspirational model for Sabersmyth’s wooden paddles because of the increased holding power. Sabersmyth also prides themselves in their latest interest in strap on gear; their measuring harness allows wearers to customize exactly how the harness will fit on their bodies to ensure that the harness actually feels like a part of them. 

Some extra juicy and fun talking points from the episode also include: why marriage is kinky af, the ways kink is misrepresented in the media, and some of the solutions Seven and Dani have created to make their quality leather gear more accessible. 

Watch the Episode Here. 

Listen to the Episode Here. 

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