What do you mean by Non-sexual kink?

Not every kink experience is a sexual one. Many activities in the Kink or BDSM lifestyle are about a achieving and maintaining and certain headspace. These mental and emotional states can be very valuable for healing and catharsis, and can vary from creature to creature. Adding the element of sexuality can sometimes diminish this experience. We believe in providing space for players to connect with their inner selves without the requirement of eroticism or sexuality. However, everything is welcomed with proper consent.


What is ethology?

Ethology is the science of animal behavior, but also the study of human behavior and social organization from a biological perspective. As an organization, Ethology is your resource for sexual and non-sexual kink workshops, classes and events. Started by a group of pet players; ethology aims to provide safe, sane, consensual play environments for all human animals.

What if I am not a pet or pet player?

Everyone is welcome to experience our events. At our core we humans are animals. Letting ourselves be fully self expressed allows us to be freed up for life. We create and provide fun, safe, play spaces for pets, handlers, owners and trainers; as well as age players (bigs/littles), rope bunnies, leather aficionados, sadists/masochists, D/s identified folks, etc.

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